Challenge Consulting


Challenge Consulting is an award-winning niche consulting firm with deep experience in the Financial Services sector.

We are rapidly emerging as specialists in Wholesale Banking, Asset Finance, Vehicle Leasing and Contract Hire.  We are increasingly asked by our clients to help them resolve specific industry issues. We bring a combination of industry-specific experience and insight from beyond the sector.  Our track record also includes clients in more diverse fields including local government, aerospace and retail.

Over the past 15 years Challenge Consulting has become known as a provocative and challenging consulting firm.  We have enabled senior management teams to deliver more than they thought possible.  We help clients recognise when change is needed; help them to deliver this change in a pragmatic way ensuring sustainable results; building internal capability as we go.  Our broad experience enables us to radically challenge current practices and push back the boundaries of what can be achieved.

Our aim is simple; to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Welcome to Challenge Consulting

Young MCA interview - a Day in the Life
04 September 2014

As MCA President, Chris gives an insight into his career in an interview with the Young MCA network. He talks about his experience, views on the profession of management consultancy and advice for young consultants (it involves sunscreen).

You can click here to read the article.

Chris Cooper elected MCA President
13 March 2014

Chris has worked as Vice President of the Management Consultancy Association for the past two years. His active involvement in the MCA has helped ensure a balance of views between large and smaller consulting firms and improved the breadth and depth of the MCA's perspective. Chris has now been elected President and is committed to continuing to shape and lead the Association through the ever-changing landscape of the management consultancy industry.

Why projects fail
24 June 2013

There have been a number of high profile project failures in the press recently, not least the BBC’s digitisation project. 
The National Audit Office (NAO) found that inadequate supplier management and project governance had severely impacted the project’s value for money. Unusually, despite two years of scrutiny, the decision was eventually made to scrap the project rather than risk throwing good money after bad.  Without knowing the details of this project, it’s hard to comment on the reasons for failure.  Suffice it to say, project failure can be expensive and have severe reputational risks! 

In the wake of such high profile failures, we take a look at why we think projects fail and how you make sure you manage the risk of failure to keep delivery on track. You can click here to check out the article.