We design, build and manage your change

You’ll find that we are refreshingly honest, objective, clear and pragmatic in the way we work with you to diagnose and understand your business and formulate solutions to the challenges and opportunities you face.

We help to paint the picture of where you want to be and what the shape and structure of your business should look like and then we work with you to design and build the approach to getting there.

It’s in part about getting to the heart of who your customers are, what they value the most, and how to build this into your business. But it is also about the practicalities of major change and the impact this will have on you, your staff, your capacity to change and your customers' experience throughout the journey.

Establish the Basis for Change
'As-Is' Analysis
Design the New Business
Programme Architecture and Establishment
Implementation Programme Management
Change Management

Establish the Basis for Change

– Identifying the room for improvement

Through a combination of our own industry insight and access to benchmark data, we can help you establish how far off the pace you may be in terms of current performance and agree realistic but stretching targets for future improvement.

– Understanding the case for change

It may be that you can get where you need to be through incremental improvement as part of 'business as usual'. However if the performance gap is significant or you are facing major changes in legislation or you simply need to deliver agreed strategic targets it is likely that a step change will be required. We can help you investigate, validate and articulate this case for change.

– Business case development

We can help you develop a robust business justification for potential change - to ensure that the returns will justify the investment and upheaval and avoid the risk of 'change for the sake of it'.

– Preparing the Leadership Team for change

Transforming your business is only going to be successful if everyone is on board. This may well be a long journey during which there may be significant resistance at different points in your organisation, but it has to start with the leadership team all singing from the same hymn sheet; we can help make this happen.

'As-Is' Analysis

Understanding the Market

– Competitor benchmarking

We can  investigate the operation and performance of your direct competitors and, where appropriate, selected organisations in other sectors where useful comparisons may be made.

– Customer Value Propositions

We often work with clients to identify what their customers really value (rather than perceived wisdom about what they are likely to want) and what they are willing to trade off to achieve this value. Segmenting and serving customers by value proposition as opposed to more traditional factors such as geography or size can revolutionise the way you go to market and organise your processes and people.

Understanding the Business

– Assessment of performance against KPIs

We can critically and objectively assess your current performance against metrics emerging from the industry/competitor benchmarking and against currently agreed internal KPIs. Major shortfalls can then be prioritised.

– 'As-Is' business modelling

With access to your people we can conduct a rapid and pragmatic mapping of  customers, channels, processes, systems and organisational structure. Working with senior managers and technical experts we can then  highlight priority areas for further attention and potential improvement.

– 'As-Is' cultural assessment

We can objectively observe your organisation’s  values, interactions and behaviours and assess its readiness for change. This is particularly important if the organisation has undergone upheaval due to merger, acquisition, divestment of part of the business or significant changes caused by external factors.

Design the New Business

– Target Operating Model development

We often work with clients to rapidly develop integrated models of new or changed businesses or functions.  These business models will be optimised for the profitable delivery of customer value in chosen sectors and channels and will provides the basis for subsequent process and organisational design.

– Process architecture and high level process design

Without getting drawn into low level detail, we can work with you to develop a blueprint of your  critical processes. This often involves rationalisation between customer facing and transactional processes.

– Organisational structure design

Once you have a logical model of the new business you need to decide how your people and organisation can best operate it. We can help you do this, including an assessment of the potentially different skills and capability you might need.

– 'To-Be' culture definition

We can work with you to define and document the changes in values and behaviours required by the new business and identif areas likely to require the most attention and support.

– Resource modelling

Based on projected business plan volumes, we can provide pragmatic but comprehensive modelling of the resource mix and volumes in the future organisation.

– Performance management framework development

Building on existing KPIs and industry benchmarks we can help you develop the right set of performance measures, targets and mechanisms.

Programme Architecture and Establishment

– As-Is – To-Be gap analysis

Successful transformation programmes are built on a solid understanding of  the principal areas of change and the extent and nature of the design and development required. The key insights from the gap analysis will provide the foundations of the programme.

– Programme architecture

We help clients design change programmes once the starting point, the end game and the gaps between the two are fully understood. . A Programme Architecture will consist of defined workstreams, projects and programme structure.

– Programme & PMO set-up

Using a proven approach based on pragmatic processes and tools, we can help you establish a robust programme structure supported by an effective Programme Management Office.

– High level programme planning

We can help you translate your programme objectives and architecture into a high level roadmap of deliverables and milestones.

– Establishing governance

We can help you design and implementing an effective programme governance structure with clear roles and responsibilities, pragmatic processes and a clearly defined and communicated modus operandi.

Implementation Programme Management

– Programme planning

We can work with you to develop detailed implementation plans at a programme, workstream and individual project level.

– Ongoing programme management

We support clients in the  full range of programme management activities including progress reporting, issue & risk management, resource management.

– Stakeholder management

We can help you manage and balance the needs and priorities of the wide range of stakeholders impacted by organisational change.

– Benefits tracking

Change programmes are big investments in time and money; we can help you establish the mechanisms for evaluating and monitoring the financial and less tangible benefits associated with your programme.

Change Management

In parallel with all of the above activity, ensure the successful implementation of change through:

– Preparing the organisation for change

Having determined the operational and cultural starting points for the organisation, we can help you plan and implement the series of actions necessary to facilitate the change.

– Mobilisation

It is easy to underestimate the challenges and critical importance of effectively mobilising  a change programme. Our structured and proven approach minimises the risks of a shaky start.

– Training & development needs assessment

Based on gap analysis between current and future organisational capability, we can help you establish the requirements for internal and external people development.

– Management and team development

Having ensured the readiness of the Leadership Team for change, it is important that everyone in the organisation is brought and kept on board. This is likely to require ongoing development of management and staff impacted by the change – we can provide you with the support and coaching to do this effectively

– Communications management

Effective internal and external communications are critical to the success of any major change programme. We can help ensure that these are actively managed and not left to chance.

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