Why projects fail
24 June 2013

There have been a number of high profile project failures in the press recently, not least the BBC’s digitisation project. 
The National Audit Office (NAO) found that inadequate supplier management and project governance had severely impacted the project’s value for money. Unusually, despite two years of scrutiny, the decision was eventually made to scrap the project rather than risk throwing good money after bad.  Without knowing the details of this project, it’s hard to comment on the reasons for failure.  Suffice it to say, project failure can be expensive and have severe reputational risks! 

In the wake of such high profile failures, we take a look at why we think projects fail and how you make sure you manage the risk of failure to keep delivery on track. You can click here to check out the article.

Giving customers what they value
10 June 2013

It may seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to cut the costs of your products and services (and therefore prices) is to stop giving customers things that they don’t need or value. However, in a seemingly endless drive to ‘delight’ the customer it is easy to lose sight of this and to assume that every customer wants (and is willing to pay for) everything you can throw at them.

The reality is that customers are not all the same or driven by the same needs, values or priorities. The range of asset finance products is relatively straightforward but the way customers will buy, use and integrate these products into their businesses can vary tremendously.

In the May 2013 Asset Finance Pricing Review, produced in collaboration with Asset Finance International and Bynx, we introduced the science of cutting prices and increasing profits. Click here to check out the article.

Changing Britain for the better
23 May 2013

The Times newspaper today includes a supplement on “Changing Britain for the better” which showcases the positive work carried out by management consultancies, as reflected in the annual MCA Awards. We were delighted to win the most highly contested award for Change Management in the Private Sector, for our work with Hitachi Capital UK.
The article on Hitachi Capital and Challenge Consulting very effectively looks behind the change programme and the award itself and shows the positive impact our joint work had for Hitachi Capital’s customers, particularly SMEs. 

In the article Robert Gordon, COO of Hitachi Capital UK, says “The key to the choice of Challenge was in the name. It helped that we were already making a profit, but even when you are doing well it is worth asking questions about what we have to do to improve performance: are we running the right way, how can we run it better? I felt it needed a fresh set of eyes.” The article highlights the increase of profits “from the low teens to more than £50m” since the start of the change programme.


It’s a bold claim to say that management consultancies, who don’t get consistently good press, are changing Britain for the better – but we hope we’ve done our bit.

Pension Deficit - mind the gap
13 May 2013

Some worrying trends are causing substantial challenges for the UK’s pension system. Increasing life expectancy alongside reducing numbers and levels of contributions to private pension schemes are driving an ever widening gap between a sufficient level of retirement income and the size of pension pots; a gap that the Government is unwilling and largely unable to fill. Read more...

From tripartite to twin peaks
01 May 2013

Scrapping the ‘tripartite’ regulatory regime is a risky business. It remains to be seen how the new regime, involving one committee and two regulatory bodies, will coordinate their activities and strike the right balance between prudence and over-zealousness. Read more...