Specialists in Vehicle Leasing

We understand the issues facing your industry

Our consultants have worked extensively across the Contract Hire and Vehicle Leasing industry. We keep abreast of the issues you face, and apply our skills and experience to help you solve them. These are likely to include some or many of the following:

  • Developing markets and segments: there may be opportunities to do something unique your customers really value and to do it profitably
  • Tackling the competition: how do you keep ahead of the ‘boutiques’ who offer customers everything, yesterday?
  • Addressing pan-European customers: your large customers may be spread across Europe, so how do you build a proposition that makes you their provider of choice?
  • Exploiting enabling technologies: identifying potential benefits in terms of changing customer behaviour and reducing costs
  • Optimising the remarketing process: what more can be done to extract more value from the end-of-contract and vehicle disposal process
  • Managing your supply chain: making sure your delivery partners are working for you and not following their own agendas
  • Delivering change in a low margin industry which is continually there is a need for continued and rapid change
  • Managing all of this alongside regulatory changes such as lease accounting and Basel III


We know what good looks like in an Asset Finance business

We have established a unique view of what good looks like from our work with clients from across the industry. We sit in a privileged position where we can see inside many different clients. We understand what makes a client successful and what is holding them back. We have defined what good looks like (WGLL).
Our WGLL model spans strategy, business management, operations and infrastructure. It identifies:

  • Target performance metrics to compare organisations. e.g. Vehicle units/FTE, upside of RV setting and realisation
  • Operational metrics needed to drive overall performance. e.g. Customer SLAs, vehicle downtime
  • Capability and key characteristics underpinning operational excellence. e.g. Effectiveness of procurement/pricing. customer service management, vehicle remarketing

Our proprietary approach allows us to assess current capability, compare to best practice, identify the underlying problems and target change on the areas where improvement is needed.

We have solved these issues to radically improve performance in vehicle leasing

We have an established track record in the vehicle leasing market. We have helped our clients with:

  • Performance Management - Using our industry benchmarks and experience to establish headroom improvements, performance targets and as a result maximise returns
  • Strategy development – investigating pan-Europe opportunities including examination of options for extending into the traditional supply chain
  • Customer value propositions - Developing new and modified customer propositions to know what customer value and deliver higher value returns – recognising the subtle differences between the customers served by apparently very similar leasing companies
  • Funding options – Helping bank and non-bank owned vehicle leasing companies get to grips with shareholder expectations
  • Operational Transformation – Designing and implementing innovative operating models to support customer propositions and deliver cost effective services
  • Organisational development – recognising the difference in cultures between bank- and OEM/dealer-owned vehicle leasing operations – particularly when these need to integrated
  • Business and systems transformation – Implementing systems effectively to maximise returns on scarce investment
  • External impact management – Understanding the impact of market pressures and changing expectations in fleet provision and management

You can read about how we have helped vehicle leasing clients in the Client section of our website.