Our track record in Wholesale, Corporate and Commercial Banking

Broad and in-depth experience

While we have not worked in all aspects of the vast range of activities involved in commercial banking we have extensive experience in key areas. In particular we have been involved in a number of high profile and high risk integration of banking operations in the UK and mainland Europe.

The issues which we have helped clients successfully address include:

  • Developing and rolling out a standard operational model across national borders
  • Integrating wholesale and commercial banking operations post-merger
  • Planning the migration or run-off of lines of business, as appropriate
  • Assessing the financial and regulatory impact of merging/transferring business with different approaches to RWA, bad debt etc
  • Ensuring the integrity of the Finance functions supporting the corporate and commercial banking operations of merged financial institutions
  • Developing a consistent and replicable approach to risk management and Treasury
  • Managing all of this alongside regulatory changes such as Basel III


Wholesale, Corporate and Commercial Banking track record

We have an established track record through which we have helped our clients with:

  • Performance Management - Using our industry benchmarks and experience to establish headroom improvements, performance targets and as a result maximise returns
  • Strategy development – reviewing, clarifying, validating and refining strategies to achieve target returns – including the extension of existing capability and the establishment of new capability in home and overseas markets
  • Risk and portfolio management - Building high performance risk functions and using robust portfolio management techniques to fine tune the return on investment at the proposal level
  • Operational Transformation – Designing and implementing innovative operating models
  • Business and systems transformation – Implementing systems effectively to maximise returns on scarce investment
  • Post-merger or acquisition integration – ensuring that the new organisation is greater than the sum of its parts
  • External impact management – Understanding the impact of regulation and making the required changes alongside ongoing operational change

You can read about how we have helped Wholesale, Corporate and Commercial Banking clients in the Client section of our website.

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